About YPAI

Every year, we conduct the survey Young Professional Attraction Index (YPAI), in which we ask young professionals – students and graduates at the beginning of their careers – about their preferred employers and what makes an employer attractive to them. The aim is to help companies and organizations understand how to attract and develop tomorrow’s workforce.

The survey has been running for nine consecutive years in Sweden and is also implemented in other markets where we operate. This year, we’re venturing into the Netherlands for the first time, gathering data from more than 1,000 respondents. The survey provides valuable insights into what is important for Dutch young professionals when choosing an employer and the factors that influence their decisions.


Download the YPAI Guide 2023

Our YPAI Guide reveals the answers from thousands of young professionals. Download it today and let our YPAI expert guide you through the most valuable insights.

The YPAI Guide provides you with: 


  • Practical tips on how to attract, develop and retain young professionals.
  • Tips on what not to do to attract and retain tomorrow’s talents.
  • A deeper understanding of what young professionals seek in an employer.
  • Insights into how to create an Employer Brand that appeals to young professionals.

YPAI across borders

Are you curious to discover what young professionals value most in employers across different countries? Visit the landing pages below for each country to download this year’s guide.

Sweden: ypai.se
Germany: ypai.de
Switzerland: ypai.ch
Norway: ypai.no
Finland: ypai.fi
Denmark: ypai.dk

Business-tailored presentation

Do you want a customized presentation of YPAI 2023 tailored to your organization’s specific needs and preferences? Let our YPAI expert walk you through the results and uncover ways to improve your organization’s attractiveness to the workforce of tomorrow. 

What you get in a customized presentation:

  • Insight into the current state of the talent market.
  • The top ten factors employers need to excel at to successfully attract young professionals, and what they mean for your organization.
  • A better understanding of the target groups that are most important to you, such as IT, technology, or finance.
  • A deep dive into the factors where your daily actions and leadership can make the greatest impact.
  • Concrete tips for retaining your top employees.

About Academic Work

Founded in 1998 in Sweden, Academic Work is a recruitment and staffing company. Since then, we have grown into an international organization, operating in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands. With our expertise in recruiting young professionals, we have successfully helped over 170,000 individuals launch their careers while fulfilling our clients' recruitment needs and helping them grow.
Would you like to learn how Academic Work can assist you in attracting top talent? Feel free to contact us at ypai@academicwork.nl.